Friday, August 3, 2012

Stagecoach Market - Custom Decals For Business and More

L&D Dezign.  Custom decals for any need.  Business, Customizing your ride, create a custom wall decor.  Magnetic signs and shop signs.  L&D Dezign can create your special piece while you wait for smaller orders.  Larger orders take some extra time.  See the video above.

The Stagecoach Market
Gloucester, Virginia's Only Open General Market
Open Saturday and Sunday
Sunrise til ?

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Stagecoach Market Views On A Day Off

Front isle view during the weekday.  Just a small idea of what the market looks like on a day off.  The entire selling area is huge.  From one week to another one never knows what kind of treasures will be found on these tables.  Everything from bath soap to wind chimes, CD music to DVD movies, games to antique desks and chairs are just a tiny list of what you will run across here.

  A lot of changes have taken place over the past year here clearing out some old tress and bushes that had overgrown and were blocking views of some of the shops are now gone making finding many shops much easier now.  New paved drives have also been added making the parking lot cleaner.  The shopping experience is much improved and ready for you to explore.

  So plan on coming by and walking around to see what kind of treasure you can come away with.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

The Stagecoach Market
Gloucester, Virginia's Only Open General Market
Open Saturday and Sunday
Sunrise til ?

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

These Flea Market Supplies Can Improve Your Day

Extensive flea market supplies aren't necessary. Having these things to improve your displays, make sales easier, and make you more comfortable can sure make a day at the swamp meet more successful.

These swap meet supplies are optional. Having and using them can make your business run smoother and make it more profitable for you.
• Markers and poster board or an erasable white board. They make it easy to call attention to your booth, to your flea market displays, and to specials you are offering.
Small stickers for pricing individual items. They lessen sale day confusion for you, your helpers, and your customers.
Newspapers for wrapping breakables.
• Bags. They are a convenience that often encourages customers to buy more. Recycled grocery sacks work fine.
• Change. Start with a specified amount of small bills and coins. I recommend starting with $100. I consider this mandatory, but I have seen others get by without it.
• A secure place to put your money. Use a moneybox or fanny pack.
• Calculator or scratch pad and pen or pencil to add up multiple item sales. Some vendors use a cash register.
• A receipt book. If you use a calculator or cash register with a paper printout, you can use those as receipts.
• Tables and chairs. Many flea markets furnish or rent them, but having your own can be easier and less costly.
• Display materials. Shelves, plate stands, and clothes racks can enhance your flea market booth and make your merchandise more visible.
Price guides.
• A cooler filled with cold beverages and snacks.
• Comfortable clothing. Dress in layers as temperatures often change from early morning set up to the heat of the afternoon. Comfortable shoes are nearly essential, especially if you’ll be standing most of the day.
• Sunscreen. If you are working an outdoor market you’ll likely want protection from overbearing sun. If you aren’t afraid of the chemicals, you may want to use a chemical sunscreen product. Otherwise, opt for a sun visor or hat, long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt.
You may not think of these as flea market supplies, but you may need them. Depending on the location and local regulations, you may need a business license from the state or local governing bodies. You may also need a state sales tax permit. Your state's department of revenue and city's business office should be able to give you details for your particular requirements.
Having more than the basic flea market supplies can increase your swap meet income. However, if you say you can’t set up at a flea market because you don’t have the swap meet supplies you need, you are just making excuses. Vendors set up every day at swap meets – and make good money – with nothing more than the supply of flea market products they have for sale. 

Tips from - Work For RVers and Campers web site.

Stagecoach Market Blog Site.  The Stagecoach.  Gloucester, VA.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Vendor Information And Rates

We have another site you may not have seen.  On this other site is information about vendor rates for tables and availability.  Now the folks who own and run the flea market are not the same ones who run these sites.  We are not always aware of all the changes that take place at the market and to be honest, we are a bit out of date.  So if any of our information is wrong, we do apologize now for such.  The market is a great place to shop and visit.  We have spent many wonderful years there as dealers ourselves and enjoyed every minute of it.  The owners are truly wonderful people that are easy to get along with and work with.  So be sure to go there and have a great deal of fun.

Now for that other site.  Please click the link right here.