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Monday, June 4, 2012

Vendor Information And Rates

We have another site you may not have seen.  On this other site is information about vendor rates for tables and availability.  Now the folks who own and run the flea market are not the same ones who run these sites.  We are not always aware of all the changes that take place at the market and to be honest, we are a bit out of date.  So if any of our information is wrong, we do apologize now for such.  The market is a great place to shop and visit.  We have spent many wonderful years there as dealers ourselves and enjoyed every minute of it.  The owners are truly wonderful people that are easy to get along with and work with.  So be sure to go there and have a great deal of fun.

Now for that other site.  Please click the link right here.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

GDI Web Site Building and Income For Life Opportunity

With the present state of the economy, it's getting harder and harder to make money. It's part of the reason so many of us try our best each weekend to try and find the right product mix that our customers may be interested in. Is there a magic answer? The old axiom was buy as low as possible and try to make a reasonable profit and try to stay below what your customers can buy it for somewhere else. Or carry what no one else has that others would probably want. Well that has become extremely hard to do anymore. However, we are all continuing to look for this magic bullet and sometimes we find it.

This article is about a way to make a little bit to potentially a lot more money every month and have fun doing just that. So we are introducing you to GDI. With GDI you have multiple ways to make money and that is what we are all after anyway right? What is GDI? GDI stands for Global Domain International and has at least three ways that I am aware of to make money. One way is by marketing the business opportunity which you can check out here. (Click the highlighted "here" to visit the site). The second way is by building your business web site on GDI. Don't worry building a web site on GDI is point your mouse and click easy. You can add your pictures to the site and everything.

The third way of making money is by selling the ability to build easy web sites to others the same way you created yours. Now this is multi level marketing which I am not a fan of, but this opportunity made a lot of sense to me being a computer geek and knowing how few people know how to code their own site and do not want to spend a lot of money having someone else do it for them. We are only talking about $10.00 per month for your own web site and your own home business. Now of course this isn't for everyone. But for those who still need a bit more money each month, this might be well worth looking into.

I will be posting more information on building your own web site through GDI soon.