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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Comic Book Treasures Plus Appreciation

Treasure hunting is one of the great things here at the Stagecoach market.  People come here looking for all kinds of treasures and we have people selling all kinds of treasures.  One never knows what one is likely to find.  Some treasures are hidden or buried and must be dug out, cleaned up to be realized, while others are in plain site waiting for a new owner.

Comic Book 1" target="_blank">Charlie Chan Free Comic Book 1 from Chuck Thompson

Here is a Golden Age comic book that we are giving away.  It's part of our way of saying thank you to everyone.  All of our vendors, shopkeepers, and customers.  It's free to everyone.  Just go to our Slideshare site and log in with either a Facebook account, LinkedIn account or create a free account to get this download.

Comic books have often been found here at the Stagecoach market.  Old, very old and new and is one of the great treasures that some collectors like to search for.  The comic book is a full version and 49 pages.  It is also an introduction into an online partnership we are starting to create.

  Partnership?  You read that right.  We have spent the past few years researching all kinds of ideas and believe we have come up with some good stuff.  So here is what we are looking at.  We will be covering all kinds of collectibles on this site and we will be offering for sale, a way to make money with certain types of collectibles.  How?

  We are glad you asked.  One example is the comic book above.  We are looking at creating files where you can download say 6 comic books like the one above for say $10.00.  So how do you make money on them?  Take the files of the 6 comics and burn them to CD and sell the CD.  Yes, it's legal.  We will only deal in legal content.

  So why would anyone buy the CD when they can get it here online?  Do you think everyone visits this site?  Even if they do, not everyone will buy online.  Site seen, they are liable to buy it when they see it.  Impulse sales, vendor loyalty, many reasons.  What about competition?  Really?  Do you need to go there?  Everyone everywhere is competition.

Are we limited to just comics?  No.  We have a tremendous amount of stuff we will be bringing to you very soon.  Stay tuned as it's going to get very interesting around here.
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