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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Antique Treasure Hunting

Antique Treasure hunting.  We have a number of antique shops here at the Stagecoach market and may just have what you have been searching for.

Furniture, glassware, vases, collectible plates, fine china, pictures, and so much more.

What we can not do is bring all the goods to you.  We have to have you come and look it over and decide if it's what you are looking for and at a price you are willing to pay.


So plan a day or two to come around and see all of the incredible items that are ready for new homes.  Our shopkeepers and vendors love yer smilin face anyways.

The Stagecoach Market, ya gotta love it.
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's finally Starting To Feel Like Spring

After a long cold brutal winter, it's finally starting to feel like spring out here.  That means more traffic and more people spending more time at the market.  Hope everyone had a great winter and kept warm.

  The vendors here are glad to not be freezing anymore that is for sure.  Though plenty of hot coffee helped a lot of us get through the cold weather.

So while you are out traveling around, please be sure to make a special stop here at the Stagecoach market and check out all of the incredible deals our vendors have to offer.

  With this economy the way it is, everyone can use a deal these days and the Stagecoach Market is one of the best places in all of Tidewater to get those incredible deals and find things you just will not find anywhere else.

Hope to see you soon.  Hey, while you are on this site, why not plus one us and share this with your friends.  Thanks.
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Friday, August 3, 2012

Stagecoach Market Views On A Day Off

Front isle view during the weekday.  Just a small idea of what the market looks like on a day off.  The entire selling area is huge.  From one week to another one never knows what kind of treasures will be found on these tables.  Everything from bath soap to wind chimes, CD music to DVD movies, games to antique desks and chairs are just a tiny list of what you will run across here.

  A lot of changes have taken place over the past year here clearing out some old tress and bushes that had overgrown and were blocking views of some of the shops are now gone making finding many shops much easier now.  New paved drives have also been added making the parking lot cleaner.  The shopping experience is much improved and ready for you to explore.

  So plan on coming by and walking around to see what kind of treasure you can come away with.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

The Stagecoach Market
Gloucester, Virginia's Only Open General Market
Open Saturday and Sunday
Sunrise til ?

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