Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Green Shopping at The Stagecoach Market, Gloucester, VA

Green shopping in Gloucester, VA. Buying used items is a form of recycling. There is no carbon foot printing on the manufacturing of the items on the second time around. The price is sure to be lower than the same type of item new. You are saving the items from going to a landfill and potentially polluting our water supplies. You are supporting the most local economy. The items are not being shipped in from China a second time around. (Assuming the items are made in China to begin with). No more boxes are being used to ship the items to the Stagecoach Market unless someone has chosen to recycle a box to move the items in.

Just because it is used does not mean it isn't still good. There are a lot of good used DVD's, Games, VHS tapes, china, furniture, toys, TV's, computers, software, electronics, stereo's, automotive audio equipment, cloths and so much more. New items that people bought but never used so they are re selling it for less than the cost they paid.

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